Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Computer Love

I could talk about my first day of class or what I did today, but I'm an Electrical Engineer -- it's already well known the insane amounts of booty we get. So I'm going to pass on that.

Instead I'm going to talk a little about Computer Love aka AIM conversations aka E-Game. More specifically laughter. Laughter is a great indicator to assess if the person you're trying to get at is really into you. There's many different levels to this.

Let's take a look at 'lol'.

This means they aren't into you.


Let's use an example:

FrAtBoY4LyFE: There was this one time... blah blah blah drunk blah blah blah with my boys blah blah blah it was pretty much the best thing ever blah blah blah i got so drunk holy shit blah blah blah throw up blah blah blah.

You're done son.

This same thing goes for other low-tier representations of laughing such as "haha" or "hehe". There are some exceptions to this, like 'LOL' is the real deal (I know this from my gf, straight LOLs 100% of the time baby, I'm on point, which also goes on to show I'm a boss). But for the most part, you're not gettin' bunz my dude (she's not interested).

On the complete other side of the spectrum though, we have the additional "h" or "a" to "haha". This is money right here -- if you got a female or male (for the female readers, nohomo for me tho) and she's just straight hahah'ing it or hahaha'ing it, you're good. She's into you. Basically the more 'h' and 'a's you get, the more she likes you. It's a proven fact. (not really, but whatever)

Let's look at an example:

ArthurIsABoss: I went to school today.
YoMoms: hahaha
ArthurIsABoss: I ate a sandwich.
YoMoms: hahahaha
ArthurIsABoss: I'm going to scratch my booty, smell it with one hand, then scratch my balls and smell it with the other at the same time.
YoMoms: hahahaahahahahahahahah wanna come over?

But anyway, this was just something I've noticed and thought about a while back, and a random AIM conversation with my friend brought this up. Now I'm going to cook myself some dinner, nestle by the fire, and read my textbooks.


  1. yeah it was ME!! son.

    how come you didnt bring up the rolf shit lmao

  2. this is some funny shit, you're making the booty patrol proud, and the star trek clip was money