Wednesday, September 16, 2009

People crack me up..

I've always been fascinated by interpersonal communication. Just the way people interact with each other and react in certain situations -- I find it interesting.

You may be thinking,
'Arthur you're just using that as an excuse to check out girls!'
No way. Why you think of such a thing? I would never do that.


But seriously, it piques my interest. And it cracks me up sometimes too...

An example -- have you ever payed close attention to how quick a person's smile fades after any type of interaction? It could be anything, a joke, a fleeting greeting, somebody farted... anything.

It seems like they are genuinely smiling, then they walk away and boom -- instant stone face.

I've noticed this everywhere, especially at work when people say 'Hi' to each other like on the way to the printer or something (close to wear I sit). Like this...

So into it, so geniune... then . It's like dude transformed into Morpheus...

I'ma go run in the rain now... take it easy!


  1. I had a work moment today too. Up in my office where there's only 3 of us and I start smellin sometin a little fresh, and I know it wasn't me. But the other 2 were acting like they didn't even smell it. I was like ... Wow, come on now. And if matters couldn't get worst, the weather rained out my heights BBQ.