Sunday, September 20, 2009

Worst Bet Ever.

Watched the Mayweather/Marquez fight at my dude Dex's house. Thanks for having me, doggie.

It was a great fight. At least what I remembered of it. Reason why I couldn't remember? Who else but my great friend tequila!

I had my heart set on Marquez winning. So much that I bet my soberness on it -- every round that Marquez lost, I drank a shot. Every time Marquez got knocked down, I drank a shot.

The results? Marquez lost every round. Marquez also got knocked down in the 2nd round.


Think about it, a round is 3 minutes. So effectively I drank 13 shots in 36 minutes. Goodbye sober Arthur, hello drunk Arthur! As Marquez was getting his ass beat, Arthur was also getting his ass beat -- Marquez was taking jabs and left hooks in the face, Arthur was taking tequila shots to the face.

The tequila was appropriately called 'Two Fingers', two fingers that got PIMB *pause*. Ended up getting real sick -- I ruined my hoody too.

Worst bet ever.


  1. Doggy, definitely appreciate you comin out. Mark the calendar for Nov 18, round 2 will go down. Maybe some fighting cock will be busted out...*pause* (hope you don't mind me usin your infamous *pause*)