Monday, August 17, 2009


I've constantly debated with myself if I should get a Twitter account.

Multiple people have told me that I should, and that they would follow me. The question that I pose to you is, why?

Why would you want to follow Arthur?

I am just an undercover nerd that spends his free time reading articles on the internet, reading rad fantasy novels, playing Street Fighter 4 for hours on end, watching YouTube videos of professional video gamers.

I mean, I do normal stuff too. I have hobbies that I'm good at! I swear. Really.

I just never really got the point of Twitter -- I can envision my updates now...
"Alright guys, just saw a cute girl at work eating a popsicle. IGAB." 20 minutes ago

"I'm thirsty but I can't stand up to goto the water fountain because IGAB" 10 minutes ago

"Finally got some water." 5 minutes ago

"This water is really good." 4 minutes ago

"I finished my water." 3 minutes ago

"Started working again but I have to get up and pee. BRB" 1 minute ago

Whatever. I'll think about it.

P.S. If you don't know what IGAB means, just think... hard. *pause*


  1. it's not just about what you're doing, it's social media, you can follow all these people and follow their ads and deals and all that stuff. you can get answers about anything from anyone in an instant.

  2. mmmm.. you're right.

    i don't feel the need to follow anybody though. i'll just follow myself, lol... as cocky as that sounds.

    if it were twatter though, maybe it'd be a different story....