Thursday, April 30, 2009

So So Def...

Sunshine's shining today.

What does this mean? It means I'ma bump that music -- on that old school. None of this 'I'ma skeet skeet skeet on your feet feet feet, it feels neat neat neat, while I do it on the street street street!'

I need something that makes you wanna dance -- that rump shaking music! I don't know how many of ya'll will remember.. but what do you know about So So Def Bass All-Stars? What do you know about calling about your slick partna? Not your booty call, but your "slick partna"?About to get educated real quick..

This is that feel good music -- makes you forget the your cares, at least for a little bit. I mean, who doesn't wanna feel that bass on yo ass? I know I do...*pause*. But for real, I'm tryna break out that Magnavox along with like 8 duracell D-batteries and go on campus and do this..

Arthur out!


  1. hella down, get this rain outta here first tho hahahaa