Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One thing that sucks...

I'm a laid back. I'm easy going. I'm nice. If you met me, you would be captivated and engulfed within my positive aura. I think I might be talking bullshit, maybe. But there are some things that just straight up irritate me.

Farting right after you're done taking a shower. Sucks.

I mean you come back from a workout or a long day, you're just itching to take that hot shower. And maybe make boo boo, but that just might be me. But just having the scalding water wash all the worries away... it's a great feeling. You walk out, feelin' brand new, feelin' on top of the world, feelin' all grown and sexy.

Then *poot*. You fart.

I mean you waited all day for this, got clean and everything, then your body decides to be an asshole (lol) and tells you to pass flatulence? Just tainting your butt's air supply right when you walk out? Having that poison gas just linger on your epidermis right after you got done scrubbing it?

Man, that sucks.


  1. you get me...that's all i have to say..no homo...

    btw the word verification was suckmat...also..no homo