Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cassie, why?

Ya'll know about Cassie -- that half black, half filipina girl that sung that song about me? Me & U?

I know them other guys, they been talking bout the way I do what I do
They heard I was good, they wanna see if it's true
They know you're the one I wanna give it to
I can see you want me too
Now, it's me and you... Arthur.

Well, I turned her down recently. Retorting back, she ends up doing this..

I'm perplexed. I'm distraught. I'm vexed.

How you gonna have a cleaner lineup than me? How you gonna have a barber just give you a skin tight just like that? Only on one side, to boot. What part of the game is this? But whatever, you still cute. I'll still let you play Street Fighter and eat Haagen Dazs pints with me, eff it.


  1. vote on the chappelle tourney son!

  2. doin' it in the park
    doin' it after dark