Monday, January 26, 2009

Video Games Live Concert Review

Saturday night was a night filled with emotions -- from happiness to sadness, from luminous jubilee to the dark solemn, from extravagant displays to intimate emotion.

No I didn't go to Rick's. Or Hooters.

I went to the Video Games Live concert! I went with my girlfriend (thanks for the tickets, babay babay!) and her brother + GF. The concert itself is the epitome of my childhood, and further confirms to myself how nerdy I am. Or kewl how I am, however you interpret it.

Video Games Live is a basically a concert that plays video game music from different time periods, from different companies, and from different franchises with various footage of the game displayed on a huge display. There is all a catch though -- it's fully orchestrated and accompanied by a freaking filthy choir. They played the standard Mario and Sonic, but also played music from lesser known titles like Mass Effect and music from gamer classics Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and Castlevania.

I pretty much relived my whole childhood.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. There were some segments that struck a deep note in my heart -- like it captivated the accompaniment between the game and its music so perfectly. Sometimes I would become so overwhelmed with emotion that I was on the verge of... my eyes watering.

Fuck that tho I don't cry! My eyes just get sweaty.

My eyes didn't sweat though, it just welled up inside me and made my chest heavy. Bo$$es can be sensitive too.

But anyway, all the nerds in Seattle came to watch. Everybody would cheer, say their little nerdy quips (I kept mine to myself, but I definitely understood 100% of whatever was said or implied), fun time for all!

Oh yeah, if you start spreadin' the word that I almost cried at a video game concert... I'm going to take you to lunch, and by lunch I mean I'm going to give you a knuckle sandwich.

Arthur out!


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