Friday, January 16, 2009

Oodles of Doodles

Sometimes when I'm in class, I just drift off into Arthur land and start doodling on the margins of my paper. I mean the class isn't terribly hard -- I'm a senior taking a 100 level class to pick up those electives!

Some doodles this week:

Some random female accompanied by a pirate. ARRRRRTHUR! Click for a closer view, disregard my notes about whores -- it helps me remember better when I interject my own... words I guess.

My professor. He's a funny and smart guy. Always has his own personal quips and anecdotes that I find amusing from time to time. Always rockin' the open toe Birkenstocks like a true engineering gangster. That model on his little projector was the assignment that we had to draft at the time.

If you're wondering why the people look deformed/cartoony, it's because I was influenced by the art direction of this XXXBox game Castle Crashers (I know, kewl rite?!)

Arthur out!


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