Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arthur's Music Vol. 1

I don't know where music now-a-days is heading off to.

I mean I enjoy most of it, but it has no feeling, no emotion, no soul.

I mean it's great when you talk about moving kilos and kilos of various narcotics, or how many promiscuous women you have had sexual relations with, or how you have received fellatio from my intimate sweetheart and then proceeded to share with your compatriots, then slapped my mother. All for the neighborhood you reside in.

But sometimes you just have to take a break from all that. Sometimes you need music with feeling, music that makes you cringe inside and made you go...

With that, I present you Troop - All I Do Is Think of You

Right when the beat drops and he goes "neh hooooooooooo heyayayayyy", WOW. They sing with so much emotion, something that is so absent in music today. I don't even know if music will ever get back to this. I mean, who's going to bring us back? Justin Timberlake? Pfft.

This song is that shit tho -- I wouldn't be surprised if my parents told me I was conceived to this song. Kinda gross but yeah.

Hope ya'll enjoy. I'm going to do a post like this maybe once every week -- get ya'll educated on the game!

Arthur out!


  1. oh man. I'm about to put together a mixtape. haha.