Thursday, July 3, 2008

You so young, fly, and flashy!

Before I start, let me say that I don't really know much about high fashion. I'd like to think that I dress clean -- not too flashy, not too dressy, just my own regular style. I'd also like to think that I am fairly open to other people's fashion and style. BUT there are just some things that confuddle me beyond belief... anddd I'm going to take a break from being all congenial and shit and try to dissect some of these new (or old?) fashion statements, in the most heterosexual way of course (otherwise known as "no homo")

Also, if you happen to dress similar to these pictures.. no hard feelings. I don't care how you dress -- I'm just bored and irritated that I can't play my Xbox360 because my papa is watching The Filipino Channel. Damnit.


Metrosexual just started getting popular over the past few years, but I think this guy is stepping the line right here. How you gonna wear a female denim + purse combo then mean mug the camera thinkin' you're really doin' it? With your Cyclops sunglasses word to the X-Man Scott Summers. Pants lookin' like one of those painted on joints they started doin' for the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. I sure hope his girlfriend gave him the purse and was taking the picture because this guy is takin' straight L's. Cot damn! I would rock that Piston's jacket tho...

These dudes (maybe dudes? The one on the left is looking a little.. I don't know, could go either way)...Where was this picture taken tho? Never Never Land? Looking straight out of World of Warcraft with their whimsical look word to Night Elves. Also I think those types of scarves that their wearing has a religious meaning to them... but I guess they also make a great fashion statement?

How you gonna look like a male version of Catwoman word to Batman? This guy, having the audacity to strike a pose like this in public, especially in a high traffic area like a subway. How did that go down? "Alright, strike a pose!" "FIERCE!" ...with your America's Top Model ass. I feel weird looking at those shoes tho -- peek toe and open heel heels, what is that!? Seriously. Haircut lookin' like a bootleg Bobby Brown + Sisqo.

No comment. Hahahahah

What a bo$$.

Hahahahahah well I had my fun. Again, I'm just crackin' some jokes... don't be maaaaad.

Happy 4th of July, be safe!


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