Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guess who I met?

My parents computer broke. I have to fix it. Long story short, I had to Fry's to find a replacement video card...

I head to Fry's with my brosef Christian with the old video card in hand because I really had no idea what kinda card the old compoodah used. In reality, I was just too lazy. But, I don't give a pho fuk lai bout that shiet.

Outside of Fry's we see this big semi truck. There's people milling about and some guys with some digital cameras posted up...

Fry Guy (lol am I funny yet or wut...): Hey do you want your picture taken with The Hulk!?

Me (with a boner): uh ... YES!

Christian: ...

Fry Guy: ALRIGHT! Do your best HULK POSE!

Me: Nah. I gotta different pose! *does the pose*

Christian: ...

Fry Guy: *Chuckles, then takes the picture*

After my boner died down (no homo?), we found a new card. Ended up I needed more components for it to work. Ended up returning it. Ended up just buying a whole new computer. St-stuntin is a habit.

At least I got to say "suck it" with the Hulk.


  1. why did you get a boner from the hulk you sicko