Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Official Race - March Forth Fun Run 10K

Ran my first ever 'official' race this morning: March Forth Fun Run down at Greenlake. I signed up for the 10K which is like uhhhh 6+ something miles I could Google the exact mileage but I am lazy womp womp.

I haven't ran more than a mile in a couple months.

I didn't train or make any time out to specifically prepare for the race -- all I did was just keep on lifting hard and taking a multi-vitamin (strong broscience). But srsly the only real thing that I did that was anywhere close to running was either 1) running hill sprints until on the verge of throwing up, 2) running flat sprints while dragging 100lbs until on the verge of throwing up, 3) playing basketball until on the verge of throwing up, or 4) playing video games until on the verge of throwing up.

To be honest, right at the start of the race I started questioning myself, doubting myself. I was asking myself, "Arthur did you bite off too much this time? Can you do it?" It seemed like my mind was searching for anything in my body that was going to hold me back from finishing.

I think this was my first race jitters.

Then I snapped out of it and was like "STFU DGAF" and then I ran and ran until I hit that finish line. What really helped was to only pay attention to myself and my pace and not try and compare myself to other people (read: other people that actually run). I ran a pretty slow pace and didn't really tax myself -- the hardest part was the end where I actually sprinted. Like when I crossed the finish line I wasn't out of breath or anything. Sounds douchy but whatever.

In the end, I only had 2 real goals coming into the race, which was to not stop running (which I did) and not be last (which I did).

With that, I think I did a good job and now I can cross that 10K off my list. Feels good man.


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