Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sketch of Louie/Louis

A friend asked me to do a painting of her dog. Usually I don't like doing things for friends -- not because I'm a douche but because I'm afraid that I won't produce something to their expectations. I have decided to look past that and just do as much as I can, no regards if they like it or not (lol maybe thats douchy sounding). I feel that it would give me good practice and at the same time hopefully getting some happy friends.

I decided to make the painting with ink/watercolor. This is what I have so far...
It's a little dark but whatever -- I am lazy to go and make it brighter. I put the pencils down on watercolor paper, 9x12. I used an H pencil because I figured I'd be going over the lines with ink anyway. 

Once I talk to my friend and she gives the "hey I love it!" or "hey you suck dude!", I will begin to ink and watercolor it. :)


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