Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I did today

OK folks here we go this is a post where I am going to post what I did today. I think that is the point of these blog things.


OK, I'm not going to post everything I did today because I just wanted to really just make a note of what happened today because I thought it was cool. Well, I might. I just intended for this to be an endless flow of thoughts without moderation.


I walked Nimo in the morning. He only peed, no poop. I don't know why but it might be because he would rather eat his chew sticks (bully sticks) than his actual food. Quick fact: the bully sticks are called bully sticks because they are actually made out of bull penis (srs).  I have tested this out by chewing on them myself and they are very hard (semi srs). I don't know how Nimo can chew them up and eat them. He must have a really strong jaw.

After walking Nimo, I tooked my fixed gear out for a ride -- it was really nice weather today. I rode on the Interurban Trail for a very long time. I also don't wear a helmet because I like to feel the wind blow through my hair (srs). Also I don't wear a helmet because I don't have one.

On the bike ride, I noticed that my back wheel kept on wobbling. I don't think that's good so I start going slow. Eventually the back wheel wobbled so much that it dislodged my bike chain and yeah the bike broke. I flipped the bike over and tried to figure it out without looking too much like a dumbass until this older guy came around the turn and asked if I needed help. This older guy was decked in all bike gear, like tights and stuff and his bike looked fancy -- he had not just one water bottle holder, but two! And of course they both had bottles in them filled with some fluid that wasn't water (bike fluid probably).

I said 'Yes, I need help.'

He had all these tools and stuff and he helped me and fixed everything while I looked on in amazement. The bike now works and I rode all the way home after saying thanks to him maybe like 100 times.

After that, I walked Nimo again because I was determined to get him to poop. I took him to a nearby lake and we walked around for a long time. There was this old lady feeding duckies and I tried to get Nimo to chase them down but he seems more content sniffing pinecones and chasing down leaves getting blown by the wind.

Eventually he pooped a really big poo so we then walked home.

I did more stuff after that like go to Costco 30 minutes before closing to get 72 eggs and 6 cartons of egg whites... but I don't want to type any more.


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