Thursday, January 26, 2012

Support Your Local Library!

The published book is slowing deteriorating with the advent of e-readers, e-ink, e-pages, e-covers, e-porn. Libraries are dying, b. Don't let this happen! There is just something about having a real Playboy in your hand, turning musty (maybe crusty) paper pages... You can't replace that.

Seriously though, support your local library! There are many ways to support, here's how I personally did it.

I just gave them hella money.

This is, by far, the largest fee I've ever incurred from borrowing books at the library -- 30 dollars !!! I could have probably bought all the books myself. I could have bought ~28 McChickens. I could have bought a fifth of Jameson. 

S'all good though, because I am supporting my local library.

If you are wondering what the heck "Lolita" is (because it cost me 19 dollars), it's basically a book about a pedophile who is infatuated with this super young girl and instead of smushing her mama, he uh... 'lays down' with the young girl. Like hella times. And drives around the country with her, laying down and stuff.


It's heralded as a 'classic' book and I've been trying to catch up on that 'classic' list. This is why I also had Catch-22 (which I really enjoyed). 

Basically the reason why I got so many fees is because I went 'Waitlist' happy and put like 3 books on hold. It wasn't my fault they all came at the same time. *pause* I just read them in order and I just couldn't read them fast enough.

Anyway, 30 dollars to the library. Strong support, brah #feelsgoodman 


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