Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seattle Skyline

Right here is one of my recent paintings -- it's of the Seattle skyline. I really like how it turned out and thought I would share it to the masses plus add a little of that artist commentary.

Some boring information -- it's acrylic on 11 by ... 14 I think? It's a good size *pause*... took me about 30 minutes to do.

Process. Started off with just painting the whole canvas red. Played video games for like 5 days waiting for it to dry before deciding to take out the white paint. I wanted it to be very continuous and minimalistic at the same time. I don't think minimalistic is a word but work with me brah. That said, I just took a medium brush and let my hand go for a bit from the left all the way to the right. 

I didn't take very much time in measuring if the buildings were the right height -- the most important thing to me was to make the Space Needle stand out. Everything else is just kinda "there" as psuedo placeholders.

After the main white line was done, I took out my tiniest brush and put some windows in however I felt like with my blue and white. 

With the windows and dots and stuff in, thought it was a bit too minimalist with just that so I threw in Mt. Rainier in the back chillin. Made sure that it was a color in between the white and the red (read: pink) as to give the viewer some sort of weak illusion that it's in the back -- making sure that it was behind some of the buildings helps too (lol).

I think this was about my 3rd or 4th acrylic piece and personally I think I'm learning something new each time. Basically I screw up something in the painting before and do my best to log it into the memory bank so I don't repeat it the next time.

 I didn't really learn much this time because I am pretty happy with it. Therefore I called myself 'awesome' in my head and treated myself to some cookies.


  1. I totally want that. I like that. A lot actually. Have you thought about selling?