Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Daigo Umehara = My Hero

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SRK just posted an interview with perhaps the best player to ever play fighting games, IN THE WORLD. This guy is a G, no doubt. I've seriously looked up to this guy since I started playing Street Fighter II with my cousins.

A (long) quote from the article that resonated with me:

You reached another level in what way?
“Domestically and internationally, I’ve been getting many interesting, real offers of projects that would mean a lot to me. And that’s given me a different motivation. Of course, I love fighting and traveling to another country to fight. At the same time, these new challenges have brought my professional life to another interesting level. As a pro gamer, I used to think I only need to focus on playing games and I need to bring the result, which is to win. I still want to win, but my way of thinking fundamentally changed and gotten even deeper.
I am taking more holistic approach to my professional life by taking care of my body. I’ve changed my diet to macrobiotic, and have been working out to build balanced muscle. I don’t even drink any more except for special occasions. I have set a strict schedule for myself consisting of 8 hours of sleep, 1 hour of gym training focusing on weight lifting or jogging, 1 hour of bike ride between home and the arcade for each trip, 9 hours of game practice, and the rest is spend for eating, shower, and the likes. [Editor's Note: You gamers that want to become pros, this is real tawk.]
There are two major reasons for my physical training. First, in Street Fighter, mental strength holds such a large part in one’s winning. And in order to stay mentally strong, I have to be physically healthy and stay balanced as body and mind are related to one another. Secondly, I want to look good in order for the sponsors, fans, and supporters to feel proud of me and feel good about myself. As more people get to know about me, I want to give them a best impression as possible and believe in me.
I take my profession very seriously and am confident that I am the only one who takes it this seriously. I work the hardest. I am proud of my profession, and I am determined to make the best out of the opportunity given to me, for myself and the community. And this confidence has given me another level of confidence in me. Nothing and no one can defeat me.”
I admire people that work hard. It hits home with me because I feel that I also put in a ton of work into what I do and towards the goals I set for myself. Daigo is my guy.

The interview can be found HERE


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