Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Thoughts Vol. 1

My chest feels the pump.

That's because I worked out my chest. That's why I feel the pump.

I also worked out my arms.

My arms feel the pump.

That's weird that to say the same thing I just had to take the 's' off 'feels' and add it to 'arm'.

My dog is crawling under my desk. I always say "HEY NIMO!" then he gets scared. I only do it because its for his own good. I don't want him to chew through any wires. I also don't want him to mess up my computer. If I didn't have this computer, I don't think I'd be able to write on this blog.

I didn't have to say "HEY NIMO!" this time. He's next to the couch now.

I lied. I can update this blog from my netbook. I paid 400 dollars for that netbook -- its a ASUS Eee netbook.

Speaking of netbook, I started taking a pre-workout supplement called Jack3d. Yes, it has a '3' in the name because it is that douchy. It makes me push through my plateaus and really obliterate my muscles.

And yes, I'm aware that that statement did not relate back to the netbook, even though I started that sentence with a precursor that it would relate to said netbook. Whatever.

This is actually kind of enjoyable, just spewing out all these random thoughts that leak out of my head. Probably  through my ears because I keep them clear with Q-Tips (even though I'm not supposed to). Q-Tips are pretty godlike, not going to lie.

One last thought that I had: Filipinos sometimes make spaghetti not with spaghetti sauce, but with banana ketchup. Actual bananas! I don't get it, especially because the banana ketchup is red. I guess ketchup is the dominant gene in that relationship. Anyway, so if I eat said spaghetti... do I also get a serving of fruit at the same time because of the banana ketchup?!

Please advise.

I'm going to hang out on the couch now, good night!


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