Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Magic Eye Sucks

Remember these books?

Yeah? Well Magic Eye sucks.

Want to make somebody look like a dumbass? Give them Magic Eye I through III. Want to make somebody nauseated? Give them Magic Eye I through III. Want to ruin a child's vision and turn them into Minkus from Boy Meets World? Give them Magic Eye I through III. 

I could never do these as a kid. NEVER. Might as well change the name to 'Cross Eye' because that's what it damn well made me do -- had young ol' Arthur seeing double. I used to spend hours trying to see dolphins, skulls, and flowers amidst the throwup of colors and patterns. Here's what I really saw:

Biggest waste of time. Not even remotely entertaining. You know what's more entertaining? Watching my puppy hump his toy otter. Little man just learned how to do it Nimo style.

Magic Eye, making optometrists millions since 1991.