Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dragonzord is the BEST

You know when you hear this...

Shit is about to get REAL, son.

You know you about to get murked hardbody... like in the butt. Might as well roll the end credits to the episode because when you hear this, it's a WRAP.

Hold that.
Play that flute and that Dragonzord boutta emerge from the ocean lookin' all majestic on some, "WHO DARES SUMMON ME? I WILL TOUCH ALL." steez. Robot ready to shoot mad finger missiles at a minion, son.

He just doesn't have finger missiles, he got a mean tail swipe too! Who else you know got a Black and Decker drill bit attached to its tail? Dude got a whole Home Depot in his arsenal -- Dragonzord walked into a Home Depot and said, "Yeah, I'll take all of it."

Come at him.
C'mon.. no other Zord could see Dragonzord on the battlefield. Dude is built like the Lebron of Zords but like 2000 feet tall, 240 tons.

Dragonzord is the BEST.


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