Friday, April 23, 2010

Manicures and Wax is for G's

IDGAF (I don't give a ...), manicures and waxing eyebrows are for G's.

Last week I got my nails done -- wow they are on point. For real, I used to be a bit insecure with them because they get beat up with all the stuff I do. Now? Swag's on high.

Today I just got my bush...y eyebrows waxed. Got em cleaned up a little bit -- makes a huge difference. I made sure to tell the nice lady not to make me look like a biatch, so we were straight on that.

It didn't hurt at all, that's what she said. I mean, it just like a little pull and all that. When she was all done and gave me the mirror...

I was smiling all hard -- I was in my zoneeeee hahaha

But for real, I'm grown -- I needa get this stuff on lock! I don't care what ya'll say, this is the real deal. You would get aroused if you saw me... LIKE THAT. *pause for males*.


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