Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Returning Home

I'm on the way back home from NY -- I'm on the plane right now.

I originally had a NotePad file with notes from NY that I was going to use to create a NY blog post.

I'm going to scrap that.

Partly because I'm lazy, but mostly because of the enormous amount of things we did -- we went everywhere. Multiple times. We walked. Alot. I usually hate walking, but I got way better at it just because of the sheer amount of walking we did every day.

Our days usually played out like this: Wake up around 12, eat a big lunch, walk around and do stuff for 7 hours, drink copious amounts of alcohol, head home at 5AM in the morning. We ate at all the good spots. Saw all the good spots. Had all the good times.

Special shout out to Joanne for having us over the whole time -- your hospitality is most definitely appreciated. I wish you luck in your upcoming med school interviews!

One random thing about New York that I thought was cool was that I could fart in public at will. New York is definitely home to some bad smells. It's to the point where I could let off some mean bare butt e-scent-uals and people we be like 'Man this city stinks!'

New York is awesome.


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