Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catch up: Pac Div and The Cool Kids

This past Tuesday, I went with my dude Dex to a hip hop show.

Pac Div and The Cool Kids were performing.

I'm a fan of Pacific Division -- they bring a refreshing sound to the west coast hip hop scene. Their production is top-notch and they slick on the mic. The Cool Kids are... cool to me, but I don't like them as much -- a little too hypish for me. Their beats are bass driven with the boom boom boom, which is cool but muddles me sometimes because I can't tell what song it is.

It was a good show though and the hypebeasts were most definitely out.

Basically The Cool Kids are cool because they have cool beats, but sometimes they get uncool because even though they sound cool, too much cool can turn to uncool so maybe The Cool Kids can change their name to The Uncool Kids to reflect their cool-uncool-ness.

You ever say/read/type one word too many times and start to think it look/sounds weird? I have that right now.


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