Friday, March 19, 2010

NY - First Day

We got in around dinner time and decided to have some Greek.

Greek food is awesome.

I didn't take a picture of it because my camera broke. If I did, you would all be amazed and aroused. Tell me why the dude tried to bop us though? He tried to get us all to buy bottled waters. He kept on saying something really fast and ending it with 'water' after he asked the four of us. It went like this..
Blah-blah water?
Blah-blah of water?
Blattle of water?
Buttle of water?

His accent was hella heavy -- it took me a while to decipher before I caught onto him. Got em coach.

We did the tourist thing after that -- went to a beer garden and drank for days then took the subway to Times Square. The subway is pretty amazing. It definitely connects the whole city together. You can get to where you wanna go pretty easily.

Even though we have the subway, man you still gotta walk. Alot.

Great first day, just finished the second day but will talk about it later -- I gotta massage my feet.


  1. NY is pretty dope. I'm tryna go back there this year sometime! have a good time mang, eat hella--the food is bamb

  2. 3 full days without you, i can't taaaaake it anymoooorrrreeee