Monday, June 8, 2009

So the sun came up...

...and I'm still holding this damn XBOX360 controller -- stayed up all night/morning with Aron playing Resident Evil 5

Started playing at around 11PM. Before you know it, we beat the game!

It was 8AM.

When it was all said and done, the suns out and the bird's are chirping. I mean, students are walking to campus to take their Finals while I'm about to sleep on my messy bed in my messy room after playing 9+ hours of video games. I feel like an asshole. Well I don't have any finals, I guess that's fine -- it's been awhile since I had a solid video game session like this.

Last memorable time I did this was when Charles let me borrow his PS2 and Final Fantasy 10 -- I played it for 16 hours straight. Am I kewl yet?

Is this what my summer has in store for me? Am I just going to sit on my big butt and practice the Art of Stickwork and Thumbplay? Am I just going to stay in out of the sun and get my vampire on? I mean, those Twilight people are pretty popular so I guess thats cool... (not really, eff Twilight)

Nah, I won't. I have have plans now -- I start working in a little bit and I wanna be brolic and kick knowledge... so I'll tone the games down a little bit.

Only 5 hours a day now. ;]