Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alright! Lets get stuff done today!

... after I play some video games.

You may be wondering, "Arthur why don't you stop playing video games and do something else with your time?" My response?

There's 24 hours in a day. That's alot of time. Surely I can spend a couple hours or 7 playing some games. You can't tell me nothing anyway -- I'm dunzo with undergrad and just chillin' while other people are studying/taking finals. So poo poo on you because its doo doo... baby.

FUN FACT: Before Arthur was a multiple summer intern for a big airplane company, he was about to be a video game tester for a popular software company named Nintendo.

But to be honest, I don't play as much video games as I used to. Most of the time I can only stomach an hour before my mind wanders and tells me to do something else. It's just that sometimes I get the urge to unleash the beast and play for hours on end, like the other day playing Resident Evil 5.

Things to do today other than play video games:

- Try and fix the kitchen sink -- draino that ho
- Go on campus to get my soft pastels so I can work on my drawing again
- See if I need to return my micro controller to Professor Morton
- Clean my room / start packing stuff to bring home
- Sculpt the hard boulder that is my body *pause*
- Drink a gallon of wa wa
- Be a bawse

So there's the gameplan! Gotta go -- I hear the Street Fighter song playing.. INDEEESTRUCTABLE!


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