Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Writing = Alpha?

I read on an internet forum that I frequent that writing everyday can make you more alpha. I'm skeptical (not sure if serious). Fortunately, I already have an established blog that I've been maintaining (albeit sporadically) for 4+ years.

I read that writing in a journal everyday helps you recognize your thought process, learn your own values, and figure out who you truly are. Basically, you're figuring out if your a beta or not.

For that purpose, I'm going to update. I'm just going to spew out words from my consciousness -- I'm not going to delete anything except for glaring typos because I probably have ADD and I hate when that red squiggly line appears under words. It's like a little red worm disease and I'm the only doctor that can cure it.

This entry will be disease free.

I worked today. I work every weekday. Work was fine except I have done everything I can do for all my assignments and projects assigned to me so I'm pretty much waiting for people to respond and give me more information.

That's was a very riveting story -- I shall preserve that memoir and unravel that tale to my grandchildren when the time is right.

I lifted weights today with my friend Emil. We got yucky on dem legs -- squats, lunges, leg extension, deadlift, etc. It was a good workout but more importantly, I got to catch up with a good friend.

I've been secluded from almost everybody I know except for my girlfriend and my dog Nimo. Reason might be because I live with them.

 If we didn't live together, I don't know who I would see. I can't put my finger on how or why I have been secluded lately -- I don't mind. I lied, sometimes I mind.

I would say that I'm an extrovert so sustaining substantial seclusion time feels odd at times. When I actually go out and it's like all that pent up energy gets released and I get on that yucky time. I guess it's healthy to experience both spectrum extremes.

Nimo ate out of the recycling AND the trash today. What a bad (kewl) dog. I get mad at him but he is so cute that I can't get mad at him. I end up just feeling worried and hope that he didn't eat anything harmful to doggies. I know for sure that chocolate and like onion oil (I don't know) are bad for dogs. I don't think any of that was in there. I'm more worried about the discarded coffee grounds. I noticed he drank an abnormal amount of water since I got home -- probably to wash down all that almond butter he licked up.

OK I should stop before I get too worried and calculating because I'm sure he's going to be fine.

I think this entry is long enough -- am I alpha yet?

I actually don't care. Maybe I do. But I feel that I owed it to myself and my blog to write something today.


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