Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fun Day Today

I hung out with two friends that I have not seen in a long time -- probably years.

Yeah, I think years.

We ate dinner at this place called Mr. and Mrs. Wok. They have great Italian food there -- very unique taste. The spaghetti there was called "yakisoba" and the meat balls were flat and came on a sizzling plate and was called "bulgogi". I recommend.

Plus the old lady came and laughed at my pervert jokes. Liked it so much she gave all of us extra candy at the end of our meal. Dum-dums to be exact. She is mirin' my aesthetics (read: admiring my aesthetics). She is also 50+ years old.

After that we got coffee and drinks and chocolate stuff at Chocolati. There we discussed the decline of America On-Line and speculated what was root cause of its demise. We also shared our past AOL screen names -- Jennyl was 'Oh Ship a Scooter' (notsureifsrs, read: not sure if serious), Nga was 'hoochiegirl86' or something along those lines (probs srs), mine was AJ Bingo 316 (I had an infatuation with wrestling at the time which may or may not involve Stone Cold Steve Austin).

I also divulged to them how I got my family banned from America On-Line within a month of subscribing. I was nine years old and it involves Magic: The Gathering. I promise I will write about it in a future blog post. Nga also divulged that her dates like to take her to cemetery's because "it's fun". I think that might be code name for boning (???) because cemetery's have dead people and dead people turn to skeletons and skeletons have bones. Two hundred and six bones, to be exact.

That's a lot of boning.

Nga got a new car called a Leaf and apparently it runs on only electrons. Naturally everybody drove it around the same block to see how it felt. Not me because I am asian and I don't drive very well and I also drive a mini-van.

OK, I'm done.


  1. We were totes joking about you blogging but YAY!!!

  2. I think my parents are still on AOL.