Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Spiders Walk

As explained by FUCKING_BUG_EXPERT...

That's a great fucking question, but not really.
Anyway, when spiders die, they typically curl their legs under them. Spiders don't possess muscles like that of insects and other animals, but instead what some would describe as some weird ass hydraulic system; fluid is forced to extremities, sort of like having eight penises for legs and getting boners instantaneously to walk around. So when a spider dies, its limbs essentially lose pressure and all sort of wind back up. Spiders suffering from dehydration will have trouble moving for this reason and sit in a similar fashion.
What is in the picture is either A) a plastic toy, or B) a spider that fucking drowned because it somehow lost its ability to scale porous surfaces, and its carcass sat their overnight to absorb the liquid.

Today I learned that spiders have 8 penises and get boners and stuff to walk on them. Am I learning right? Please advise.


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