Friday, December 23, 2011

New Hero = Masunobu Sato

Masunobu Sato -- I respect and admire this man for he is the king of masturbation.

Masunobu Sato is the 2-time world champion masturbator. Dude puts in WORK. Most people wake up and eat breakfast, read the newspaper. Not Masanobu-san -- dude wakes up and whacks it for 2 hours straight. In front of his girlfriend. While she makes dresses. While she times him. In front of his cat. To Japanese gameshows.

HOLD THAT (literally). Son's a boss.

Not only that, he holds the world record for pocket pool at 9 hours and 58 minutes.

9 hours and 58 minutes.

How you gonna bang-a-rang for 10 hours straight son? You know how long that is? I can drive from where I live in Washington, to northern California. 

That's two states. TWO.

What if me and this dude Masanobu-san went on a road trip to California? Conversation could be like..
"Hey Masanobu-san, let's goto California!"
"Alright dawg."
"It's 10 hours though, you gonna be good?"
"Yeah man I'll just beat my meat the whole time."

I ain't even mad. Masanobu-san, you have paved your way into Arthur's Hall of Heroes, alongside my mama and papa.


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