Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gun Range Virgin

Today I went with a couple of my co-worker friends to the gun range -- it was my very first time (that's what she said? Maybe? I didn't build it up enough.. that's what she said? Maybe?).

My first thought was, 'Wow. These are real guns.'

My first emotion was, to be completely honest, fear.

I mean, I play violent video games, I watch movies with hella guns in them and people getting murked left and right... but to actually be in an environment completely surrounded by real guns, that was some shit. I may sound like a wuss but whatever -- guns take lives, b!

One of my co-workers was pretty well versed when it comes to wielding dem bangerz brah so he pretty much led us through proper use and how to slang your piece bow bow ping pow. Not gonna lie, I was super meticulous with my movement -- last thing I wanted to do was drop the thing or shoot a bullet somewhere.

After a while though I felt pretty g with it -- it helps that the first gun we used looks and feels exactly like my younger brother's airsoft gun lol

We shot a .22, a 9mm, and then those .45's AKA those bullets that will make dem shoulders clap brah (owie). The .22 was like a little peashooter -- you can shoot that gun one handed. The 9mm is the one I really liked, not too soft, not too hard *pause*. It seemed pretty versatile. I pretty much tried the .45 just to try it and feel its power (lol that sounds weird) but damn it was so hard to shoot that thing straight because of the recoil.

Accuracy wise, I felt that I did pretty well especially for my first time. I credit all the time I spend playing Call of Duty and Battlefield -- my trigger fingers were already well trained brah come at me.

I recommend trying it out at least once for sho. Firing the gun? #feelsgoodman


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