Thursday, July 7, 2011

Arthur's Diet

(30 mins within waking)
egg whites + 1 egg for flavor mixed with spinach
black beans with some sort of flavor kicker (ex. pico de gallo)
1-2 full glasses of water

1-2 hours later:
protein shake with milk

1-2 hours later:
leftovers from dinner/chicken/pbj (either one of these)
black beans
spinach with a slice of bacon + balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing
multi-vitamin, cinnamon, fish oil, magnesium/calcium pills

1-2 hours later:
random snack -- yogurt, string cheese whatever, black beans. depends on if im lifting weights after work.

usually nothing really, but sometimes ill drink a cup of black coffee for the caffeine spike before lift

lift + kettlebells

protein shake

some sort of protein, veggies, water/milk

lol now that i type it out, it kinda weird how it doesnt really deviate. but i like what im eating and think it tastes good so meh. i drink hella water/tea throughout the day too

i will take one day on the weekend and not care whatsoever what i eat. i can eat whatever i want, literally. ive looked at myself before and after the cheat day and it all subsides on monday, perhaps even looking better *pause*. this day is basically for me to get all the cravings out and also shock my body so my metabolism doesnt 'downshift' and get lazy. to be honest, its actually really hard to cram all that junk that i wanna eat through my body because i get full :( but i really really really look forward to this day haha

ive been doing this for about 1-2 months now and im happy with the results. since i started way back i was like 225, now im at a stout 185 -- ive gone as low as 175 but ive been lifting and bumped back up. i cant go by the numbers much now and just have to go by aesthetics.

im not yoked or chiseled by all means, but im working on it. pretty much my legs are tree trunks ;[


lol syke i just wanted to sound like an anime nomsain. did it work?????????


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