Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bobby Flay... a douche.

How you gonna let people think they are hosting a show where they showcase their BEST recipe, then crush their dreams by challenging them, cook the SAME dish the "B FLAY WAY", and quite possibly embarrass them in a showdown in front of ALL their homies?

I mean, dude is a decorated chef and he's gonna pick on little peons of the food game?

This guy has won Emmy's for his cooking show, EMMY'S, and he's gonna pick on cream cheese hot dog truck outside of the Shell station on the corner of Broadway and Pike?

I can picture it now...
Hey Carlos, that's a great hotdog you got there... but here's MY take on the hotdog!

What I've prepared for you all today is a chorizo sausage with roasted red peppers and onions on a modified ciabatta bun, all topped off with a chipotle aoili. All resting on bed of blue maize tortilla chips.

...the hell outta here son.

I'm surprised nobody on the show hasn't gave him a cold duff to the chin yet.

What a douche.


  1. *slow clap*

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  2. ty ty, very much appreciated pam :D

  3. Fuck you, Bobby Flay is a god

  4. I think Arthur James is the Douche here.
    Bobby Flay rocks!