Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kewl Yahoo! Answers Vol. 1

How do i know my body is ready for sex?

i have been in a relationship with a guy for about 4-5months now, i am only 14 and he is 15, he asked what i think about losing my virginity to him, i told him i would have to think about it as he was fine with that, i have decided that im keen for the experience but im not to sure on a few things such as... how do i know my body is physically ready for sex? is there any pain? is there much blood? how do i know he will be able to fit in me? if i can please have some help with these question thank you :)
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I mean, if you gotta ask questions like that, you probably ain't ready for that smash-smizzle-ping-pow nomsain (know what I'm saying)? You ain't ready for that swag-splash-big-bash nomsain (know what I'm saying)?. You ain't ready for that sling-slang-bing-bang nomsain (know what I'm saying)?

One day though, you just gon wake up and be like..

But for now, you ain't ready... nomsain (know what I'm saying)?


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