Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Damn Dentist

I thought my teeth were pretty good -- not the best, but not too shabby. Here's what they look like.
Turns out they suck balls (not literally)! Went to the dentist today on got put on blaaast. Turns out my gums suck and I got tartar and plaque in some weird places (in my mouth).

I know I don't floss as much as I should, but damn I didn't know it was like THAT. The lady that was cleaning me up made my gums look like I got in the ring with Tyson for 12 rounds. Straight murderous intentions and shit.

I took it like a G though. I'ma say though that that water and pipe sucking thing (whoa) is a lifesaver because I was about to drool all over the place like 102938 times.

Anyway, I went through ALL of that and I STILL gotta go in for a 2nd time, AND I got 2 cavities (don't judge me). Dentist and his cohorts definitely did a number on me, straight jumped my teeth and mollywhopped em.

Shake my damn head.


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