Monday, January 3, 2011

Renewing driver's licenses is a pain in the ass

Went to the Seahawk game yesterday and couldn't buy beer.

No problem -- today I'll just go get it changed to the horizontal license. Even better, my friend said I could even do it online! Nice!

Nope. Not that easy, Arthur.

Turns out I can't do an online registration because my expiration date is too far into the future. Turns out the Department of Licensing by my house closed down. Turns out that the only walk-in place is in Bellevue and is closed today (closed on Monday? Really?). Turns out that they close at 6 PM and I have to start the registration/renewal process 2 hours before closing -- I get off work at 4PM. Turns out I need to get an enhanced drivers license. Turns out I need like 5 pieces of documentation to prove I exist here to get said enhanced driver's license.

All for some beer?



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