Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kev Jumba speaking the truth.

I'm with Kevin.

I used to do this -- I used to say 'gay' for everything. I also used to say 'no homo' alot. ALOT.

In back in my engineering classes in college, we used to bullshit before the professor came into class. I start rambling off and start saying dumb stuff out loud. Probably along the lines of, "Man, that barbecue over the weekend was piff -- Fred Meyer's meat tastes so good in my mouth, no homo." People were laughing but then stopped awkwardly.

That's when I remembered I had a gay classmate.

I've turned a new leaf. I use 'dumb' instead of 'gay' and I use 'pause' instead of 'no homo'. My past blog post about 'pause'.

Recognize and prevent that awkward moment! BTW that was hilarious with Kevin eating the ice cream, but pause on alla dat lol


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