Sunday, November 29, 2009

Leg & Booty Work... Really?


This shit is entertaining as hell -- dude straight up sounds like Diddy.. "Try not to lean back, just your leg, just move your leg, push it back... take that, take that, take that. Push it hard and let it come back in slow." (That's what she said?)

Really? Hahaha

Dude borderline sounds like he has his ding-a-ling in his hand, pause. Look at this comment though..
lefou33 (8 months ago)
nice ! she look massive and powerful. Do you know her weight,height and measurement ?

How you gonna tell her she looks 'massive and powerful' and ask for her weight, height, and measurement?

This ain't try outs for World's Strongest Woman my dude... she ain't no Magnus Samuelsson.

Take that, take that, take that.


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