Monday, November 16, 2009

The Best Music Video...

... recently has to be Shakira - She Wolf.

First and foremost, it is about wolves. It should go without saying that anything involving wolves makes it an instant classic and/or bosslike. Period.

Second reason, Shakira.

I don't have to say much about that except...

I mean, does the thumbnail say enough? That is most definitely a preview, if I ever saw one. It was like I was watching borderline softcore pornography -- I had to look over my shoulder to see if my mama was watching but she was sleeping so I hit that resume boyyy... (am i kewl yet?)

When it first cut to the cage part where shes like stretching... IGAB -- she is a dancer alright. But tell me why she can't do the robot AT ALL (around 30 seconds in)... straight up looked like she was about to pop her shoulder out. Damn I'm not mad at her though because of the following scene...

Usually I watch these types of music videos on mute, but this song is fiiiiiilthyyy!

Best part is that she actually howls in the chorus -- AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...



  1. Mannn i think you would like infinitely more boss-like in that wolf sweatshirt pic if you had a lil mexi stash.


    I know you could grow one...let your soul glow.