Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 pumps...

I was looking through my YouTube favorites... and found this video that I favorited a while back.

And for good reason. Check this out -- her name is Andressa Soares.

How you gonna be half woman, half horse? How you gonna do that booty dance after a set of squats at the gym? I like how it panned around and you see all those kids. How you gonna dance in front of those kids? Shoot, you know they just gonna run home and massage their little smokie *pause* I like how the dad's ain't care too -- they're like "Don't look, son" but not even doing shit.

The song too -- broooooooow, brooooooow, brow, brow, brow brow. Better than Black Eyed Peas that's for sure.

Just give me two pumps... brooow broooow.