Friday, May 8, 2009

Arthur wonders... Vol. Milk


Despite a lot of asians being lactose intolerant (or just hate milk), I love milk -- milk in my cereal, milk in my protein, milk in my mouth *pause*. I'm big bonededed (or fat), and I attribute my strong bones (or pudginess) to milk! Milk's awesome! Suck it!

But the real question is... who actually figured out we can drink milk?

If you think about it, the origin of milk's kinda gross. I mean, did somebody just walk up to the four-legged animal we now know as a cow, look at the part of the body that resembles a male organ that we now as an udder, and go "Let's squeeze this and drink what comes out! Come on!"

It doesn't help that its white too... *pause*

Blame it on Animal Planet HD having a cow segment!


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