Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sickest video I've seen in awhile...

As a avid Bruce Lee fan, this video was crazyyy for me. Technology these days has gotten insane!

You might be asking: "Arthur where was your Thanksgiving post? Aren't you thankful for me?"

My answer is... Thanksgiving was great -- I got to see family and I got to gain 1012312 pounds.

I didn't take many pictures of the food. Believe me though when I say there was bountiful bounty -- I'm Filipino and I've been pretty pudgy all my life aka my family knows how to get down. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me... I didn't even eat any turky though (I'm not a fan). We even had honey cashew prawns. Walnut, whatever. It had nuts in it.

Yes, honey cashew prawns, shit isn't even related to the holiday but damn we got it.

Back to school though, where food is scarce and work is plentiful. Yay!

And no I'm not thankful for my readers, this MY shit! I run this! I'm King Kong and y'all are some peasant orangutans! Suck it!

...I'm playin. You know I'm thankful for ya'll. ;]

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

EDIT: Thanks baby for pointing out how boater I am, thank you thank you.


  1. lol you're a boater.

    2 things...

    "are you thankful me?" LOL.. for real baby?

    and it's honey walnut prawns, riiiiight? or did you really have cashews?

    muah <3 love you