Monday, September 8, 2008

Maui Wowie: Part 2

Just because we pinky swear'd last post, I decided to plop down into my 'puter seat and decided to upload some pictures from my recent vacay to Maui. Pictures comin' in the hole! Some pictures may be inappropriate, but I know you're going to look anyway so whatever.

TOUCHDOWN, ARTHUR! By the way, thats a Boeing airplane halla@me

I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First taste of Guri-Guri, which is just like pure sherbet and comes in two flavors: Strawburry and Pineapple. 2 scoops for like 1.10, more like 21390 for Arthur. Pineapple please!

Only at Hawaiian McDonald's, Haupia pie. It's like coconut paste or whatever. I don't even goto McDonald's but I had like 3 of these... If being bad feels this good, I don't ever wanna feel good!

AKA don't play your music loud dumbass.

I had to do it.

"I eat so many shrimp, I got iodine poisonin'" Name that song!

Awkward sculpture at the resort we stayed at.

He about to put in work tho! (no homo)

Another sculpture. I couldn't help myself.

View from the resort.

Big ass koi cot damn. I used to have a pet fish. I cried when it died. I was 21. (syke i was like 10... but still!)

View from the resort part deux.

Made a new friend!

Iao Valley/Needle

Iao Valley

I think its like a mystical Korean horse. I just think it looks like a bear. I like bears.

This choco bar actually has maui chips in it. Maui chips. Help me.

Proof fo yo azz.

Friends 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! My gf's family

Showing my whitey tighties... oh wait thats my hairy butt lol am i kewl yet!!!!?? I played outside a lot! (no homo x 12093810)

Well, those are the more notable pictures. If you're wondering why there's mostly pictures of me... it's because I respect other people's privacy and business.. except for the last one where its just friends.

I hope you enjoy my random ass (lol get it?) pictures. Take it ez ya'll!!


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