Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finally done with Finals!

Been super busy... well was super busy. I'm done with this quarter, but yeah Final's week was fun.


I'm in the process of packin' my bags so I can goto Vegas with ny gf and cousin and collect all the porno fliers.

Random things that happened during Final's Week:
Was running because I was late to my first final and one of the pockets of my backpack was open. Stuff falls out. Turns out one of the things was some Love Dice Muriel got me for Valentines Day -- like one dice says Rub My, Massage My, whatever. The other says body parts, one of them being 'Surprise!' So yeah, they fell out. I notice and walk back when this girl is the one to hand me back my Love Dice. Sweet. Knowing my luck it probly said "Rub my Surprise!" Halla @ me? I guess. Don't even know why they were in there.
During one of my finals, I sneeze so hard that it made a pinching/burning sensation on my ballsac. Like the very bottom. I think it's called the chode hahah. But anyway that sucked. No homo of course.
After I was done with my last final, I was outside and since nobody was around... I decided to fart (hehehe). Turns out the very last one almost made me sharted but since I am a boss I held it in. Am I kewl yet??? hahahah

So now I'm done with this quarter. I leave you with this... a video! This is a video of my last programming project I did for one of my classes. It's an alarm system.

Take it easy y'all... I'll be in Vegas. Catch up with you guys then.

Arthur signing outttttt


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