Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cheat Day Documentation Vol. 1 3SEP2011

Alright ya'll. This is the first installation of me documenting all the crap (read: actually good tasting food) that I eat on my cheat days!

Let me explain some things -- not sure if you are aware, but I've embarked on a journey to chisel the mound of hard pillows that is Arthur. The result of this journey, we may never know, but the goal is 'mad aesthetics brah'. You jelly brah? You mad Smucker's brah? Brah, brah?

Anyway, the reason I have cheat days is for my own sanity -- I eat VERY clean throughout the week. Rarely no candy or 'sweets', no alcohol. Straight H20 (that's nerd for water), protein drank (that's meathead for water), coffee (that's Seattle for water), and weights. Saturday though, is when I worship the food gods and the dam breaks -- I eat anything I want.

Copious amounts.

No counting calories.

I could drink a whole keg if I wanted to. I could eat my puppie's doo doo if I wanted to. I could eat a planet. You get the idea.



Healthy meal. Egg whites + 1 egg + spinach + black beans +  spinach + pico de gallo + protein shake + a lot of water. No picure here. Boring boring. The reason why I eat a clean breakfast is because I have to start my metabolism correctly. This is key for cheat days.


Tom Douglas' Serious Pie
Beet and peach salad with some bacon in it, some nuts in it, and some oil on it. I swear it sounded way better when the waitress explained it. This was really good. Very clean tasting and was an interesting blend of tastes and textures.

Their potato pizza. This was pretty godlike. The crust was amazingly light and had the right amount of crisp and oil. Doesn't hurt that it had plenty of potatoes on it, which is one of my favorite foods ever. The cheese was something fancy sounding -- good but I wish it was more melted. One thing I kind of wanted on this pizza though was actual sauce! None to be found unless they used like invisible tasteless pizza sauce, sneaky Tom Douglas.


Beecher's Handmade Cheese

The Mac N' Cheese doesn't need an explanation -- it is super piff. That cup was empty like .0005 seconds after I took the picture. It's a little bit better than Kraft and Velveeta (lol).

The Mac N' Cheese set the bar a bit high for the Deougeoness (crap I don't know how to spell it and I don't want to look it up, if you have a problem... go smell something bad) crab and cheese sandwich. The bread was kinda hard and it had some capers in it. To be honest, I don't mind the capers but the crab to bread ratio wasn't worth the scrilla.


Nothing new here -- we always goto Yogurtland. I can't really tell exactly what I got from the picture, but I usually get pistachio (piffstachio) and taro swirl with a smattering of another random 3rd flavor. I usually put Heath, mochi, strawberries, graham cracker, and some small nuts (I think I went with almond this time). Shoutouts to the homie Chococat.


It was a fun cheat day. Some things worth mentioning is that it was a super nice day out in Seattle -- not alot of things can beat a sunny Seattle day downtown. Some things not worth mentioning but I'ma say it anyway is that we drank coffee during the day and plenty of water. It helps my metabolism.

I know you may say, "you are wasting all your hard work by eating all this stuff!" I will respectfully say your wrong -- I look at my body everyday *pause* and progress is still happening. The concept behind this is I cheat to 'shock' my metabolism and prevent it from switching to a lower gear from processing clean food throughout the whole week. Plus I work very hard in the gym. I will save your eyes from pictures of my body.

This cheat day though, solid -- 4/5 overall.