Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank you!

My birthday was a few days ago, April 7th to be exact.

I just wanted to take some time outta my day to thank all of ya'll that wished me happy birthday. I take that back, not even just wished, if you even thought of it like in your head like, "Oh shit it's Arthur's birthday... I'ma say it later." and just forgot -- I don't even care, thank you for even those milliseconds that you thought of me.

I'm been blessed with what I got so far and ya'll have definitely been apart of that. Sure, I may not run into ya'll as much lately.. but I feel that the companionship I have with every one of you has influenced my life in a positive way.

Thank you, got a dude walking around with a strong diddy bop and my swag on very, very high. Got me feelin' like..



  1. Idk if I ever said it, but i did think it. so happy belated! you finalize your super late bday plans yet

  2. thank you maam! may 14 come halla