Monday, December 13, 2010

Awkward Social Moments Vol. 1 - Remembering Names

You ever meet a person, exchange names, then go to say something that involves saying their name and go...

I hate that.

It feels so awkward to me. It's like.. "Alright, I'ma head out -- nice meeting you.... man." UGH, I know you just told me your name but I can't fkn remember! I know you can just straight up admit it, but I still feel awkward every time.

Then you start employing these tricks and shit to remember their names ("Steve likes, ummm... spaghetti! Spaghettispaghettispaghetti. Alright Arthur's memory, we're good!), but then what if they don't remember your name!? Do you just go and put them on blast and say their name, expect it back, but leave them dumbfounded because they were in your situation before? Or do you just cop out and play it off like you didn't remember either.

Man eff it, I think I'll just put them on blast. It'll make them remember next time and in turn, eventually the world will be less awkward.


  1. for some reason I'll only remember your name if your female, C cup status, have a pretty face and smell good...?

  2. i know right, i don't forget those ones king curt