Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Despicable Me = Super Awesome

Despicable Me made me cry.

Well almost.

Despicable Me's about this guy Gru who's striving to be the best villain in the world. This guy is the ultimate asshole, even more than myself. The thing is, he sucks at being a villain -- he continually gets upstaged by this nerdy dude named Arthur... nah but his name is Vector.

In his journey to usurp Vector from the king-of-villainy throne, he runs into these three little girls from an girl's home. These girls stir up emotions that Gru had buried deep within himself and ends up impacting him tremendously.

NOTE: Agnes is so cute cot damn -- if I have a daughter, she'd be Agnes.

You may think I spoiled the movie, but shut-up-no-I-didn't. The way the movie plays out is really where it shines -- it really took me through the spectrum of emotions. Like it genuinely made me laugh so hard that I drooled myself. I'm not lying. It also made me (almost) cry. Almost because I'm kewl and gangster and all that shit.

Despicable Me = Super Awesome

Plus man the fuckin' minions -- Gru had like 219382090 of them -- these dudes had me DYIN' the whole time.

They speak in just non-sensical blibber-blabber, but you can understand everything they are trying to portray. This blibber-blabber was also super funny to me -- random noises make me laugh hella hard.

I need one or 20 of those dudes.

Despicable Me -- go see it. Take your girlfriend/boyfriend/aunt/uncle/mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/niece/nephew/prostitute/hooker(s). They will enjoy it. I went with my girlfriend and to be honest, I wanted to watch like Toy Story 3 or Inception... but fuck that Despicable Me is what's really good. Thank you GF for taking me!


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